EC-ISY the famous soccer plane

EC-ISY the famous soccer plane

There is hardly any aircraft in which so many famous sportsmen have flown. ECISY was traveling for Real Madrid, Valencia FC, Sevilla, Spanish soccer team, and so on....

real Madrid airplane

EC-ISY was originally delivered to Iberia.
It eventually ended up with the Spanish privilege style. Privilege specializes in special charter flights and ACMI. The airline has a very good reputation, which is why a lot of sports clubs and even the Spanish national team flew with it. Regularly, the most famous football players in the world have been traveling with this aircraft. In 2008, even the Spanish European champion team flew with EC-ISY.

Privilege style still operates the sister ship EC-HDS. as well B767, B777 and A321.

In 2014 and 2015 this aircraft flew for the British Jet2 as wetlease operation.

EC-ISY is a Boeing 757-200 with 2 Rolls Royce engines.

The Boeing 757 is a narrow body airliner, which means that it is arranged with a single aisle.


The maiden flight took place in 1982. As the B757 has a common typerating with the B767, pilots were able to fly both airliners with only one licence. Due to its range the 757 became very popular. Airlines used it for medium range routes and as well for atlantic crossings. Using it for transatlantic flights was a gamechanger for low demand routes, as they could now be operated cost efficient.

However, B757s are gradually being phased out as more sprint-saving aircraft are now available on the market.