Air Malta 9H-AEJ Airbus A319

Air Malta 9H-AEJ Airbus A319

But like all good things, 9H-AEJ's time with Air Malta eventually came to an end. As the airline modernized its fleet to meet the demands of the future, this beloved aircraft was retired from active service, bidding farewell to the skies that it had traversed for so many years. However, rather than consigning it to the scrap heap, Air Malta made the decision to give 9H-AEJ a new lease on life through an innovative upcycling initiative.

Now reborn as an aircrafttag, 9H-AEJ continues to capture the imagination of aviation enthusiasts and travelers alike. Crafted from a section of the aircraft's fuselage, each aircrafttag serves as a tangible reminder of the history and legacy of Air Malta and its iconic Airbus A320. With its distinctive markings and unique serial number, it is a piece of aviation history that can be cherished for years to come.

For those who had the privilege of flying aboard 9H-AEJ during its time with Air Malta, owning an aircrafttag is a way to relive cherished memories and pay tribute to a beloved aircraft. Whether proudly displayed on a keychain or used as a luggage tag, it serves as a conversation starter and a connection to a bygone era of air travel.

But the appeal of the aircrafttag extends far beyond nostalgia. For aviation enthusiasts and collectors, it is a rare and coveted piece of memorabilia that offers a glimpse into the inner workings of a modern airliner. Each aircrafttag is unique, bearing the scars and imperfections that are the hallmarks of a life spent flying through the skies.

Unfortunately Air Malta ceases opertaion in March 30th 2024. This is the last chance to get an unforgettable memorabilia of this great airline.