Super Guppy Turbine-  aircrafttag

Super Guppy Turbine- aircrafttag

Of course, the super guppy must not be missing from any collection, and this is why we choose this unique airplane to offer as aircrafttag.


The Super Guppy Turbine is the successor of the Super Guppy. The biggest difference is that on the last Super Guppy generation Allison T-56 engines were installed.


In the 1960's Aero Spacelines Industries developed aircraft for oversized loads. NASA used the first generation of Guppies (pregnant Guppy) for the transport of parts of the Saturn rocket.

Due to its great success, Aero Spacelines developed the Super Guppy with larger cargo space and pressurized cockpit.




The last version with improved engines were in service for Airbus for many years. It was used to transport fuselage sections of the Concorde and A300 across Europe.



NASA took over the last Superguppy built and still operates it today for transporting oversized loads, like space modules.

Our aircrafttag used to fly as F-BTGV. It was the first Super Guppy Turbine ever built.

 In 1996 the Superguppy was flown into Bruntingthorpe, where it was stored until it was scrapped.


General characteristics

  • Length: 143 ft 10 in
  • Span: 156 ft 3 in
  • Height: 46 ft 5 in
  • Cargo bay: 111 ft x 25 ft x 25 ft
  • ZFW: 101,500 lb
  • Payload: 45,000 lb
  • MTOW: 170,000 lb
  • 4 Crew


  • Powerplant: 4 × Allison 501
  • Cruise Speed: 220 KIAS
  • Range: app. 1,700 Nm
  • Max Altitude: FL 250