D-AIPL our first Lufthansa Collection

D-AIPL our first Lufthansa Collection

After a long and intensive planning phase, we jointly developed the ideal shape and design for the Lufthansa Aircrafttags and Coaster.

Since the material waste would have been too high with conventional punching machines, we work with a water jet. Afterwards it is sanded and cleaned by hand.

Our laser then engraves the graphics and all relevant data on the aircrafttag. After another cleaning and the final quality control, the cardboard is mounted before it is sent on its way to our customers.

By the way, the cardboads are produced on recycled paper, CO2 neutral in Austria.

D-AIPL was the first Lufthansa aircraft that we were allowed to process at Aircrafttag and produce tags and glass coasters from. As one of the oldest Lufthansa aircraft, it was even delivered without GPS back then and had to be retrofitted accordingly in the course of time.

After 3 decades of reliable service, D-AIPL was retired from service in 2020. Under the Spanish sun the second life of this A320 began. In Vienna it was finally processed for eternity.

The only way to purchase these unique pieces is through Lufthansa's WorldShop.