G-OMYT - Thomas Cook A330

G-OMYT - Thomas Cook A330

The airliner with the most engine failures in just 3 weeks 

was an Airbus A330-200 initially deliverd to Airtours international and registered as G-MOJO.

In 2002 it was repainted into MyTravel colors. And finally in 2008 it was operated on the Thomas Cook UK AOC.

G-OMYT was built with 2 RR Trent engines, which caused some troubles on this plane.

Most airliners never experience any engine shutdown in flight during its lifetime.

In 2012 G-OMYT had in total 3 engine shutdowns in flight in only 3 weeks.

So this Thomas Cook A330 is the only airliner we know with that high number of engine failures

Oct 26th 2012 Gatwick - Orlando

Nov 9th 2012 Manchester - Cayo Coco

Nov 17th 2012 Manchester - Cancun


Some more engine problems occurred the following years, but always during Takoff run.


Thomas Cook was a company founded by the British baptist missionary Thomas Cook.

Over the years Thomas Cook became a frontrunner and global player in the travel industry. After several takeovers and mergers, Thomas Cook had to cease operations in September 2019.

Unfortunately this was the end for G-OMYT as well.

So we had to take the opportunity and add this plane of the famous Thomas Cook to our collection.