Air Transat A310

Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen C-GPAT from Air Transat

Aircrafttag's latest release introduces a captivating edition featuring an Airbus A310 with a rich history, once proudly flown by Air Transat under the registration C-GPAT. This aircraft holds a place of significance in both aviation enthusiasts' hearts and the annals of Air Transat's legacy.


The Airbus A310, a notable wide-body twin-engine jet, was a key player in Air Transat's fleet, facilitating seamless travel experiences for passengers. C-GPAT, with its unique registration, became an emblem of Air Transat's dedication to safe and comfortable travel. However, amidst its service, this aircraft experienced a noteworthy incident that marked a pivotal moment in its journey.


The incident in 2005 involving C-GPAT's rudder breakage serves as a testament to aviation's challenges and triumphs. The rudder, a critical control surface on the tail of the aircraft, is essential for maintaining stability during flight. The occurrence of its inflight breakage led to a dramatic in-flight situation, demanding the exceptional skills of the flight crew to safely land the aircraft.

Rudder breakage CGPAT

Air Transat, renowned for its leisure-focused travel offerings, maintained a strong commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. The A310 fleet, including C-GPAT, played a central role in realizing the airline's vision of connecting travelers to their dream destinations.


Aircrafttag's commemorative edition pays homage to the Airbus A310's storied history with Air Transat, encapsulating the airline's dedication to passenger comfort and the aviation industry's commitment to progress.