Gulfstream III N103CD

Gulfstream III N103CD

This aircrafttag is a very rare piece of aviation history.

N103CD was a Gulfstream III which was involved in an accident on November 24th 2014 at London-Biggin Hill airport.

N103CD was departing to Gander with 2 crew and 5 passengers on bord.

Fortunately there have been no deaths or injuries.


The aircarfttag taxied to runway 03. The crew mistakenly mixed up the runway edge light and runway centerline lights.

Many factors played a role in the accident. The fog was denser than the crew had assumed. The taxi route was not clearly visible on the maps used by the crew.
During the first few metres, the runway was twice as wide as usual, which led to disorientation.
When the widening was over, the aircraft came to rest on the grass next to the runway.

The Gulfstream III, a mid-sized twin-engine business jet by Gulfstream Aerospace, emerged in the 1980s as a symbol of aviation excellence. Renowned for speed, range, and luxurious comfort, it accommodates up to 19 passengers in an opulent cabin. With turbofan engines driving its impressive capabilities, the Gulfstream III seamlessly covers vast distances without refueling. Its timeless design and cutting-edge technology have made it a preferred choice for executives and travelers seeking sophistication in air travel.