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Boeing 727 FedEX - N481FE

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Initially delivered to Braniff in 1978 as N457BF, this beauty was converted into a freighter in 1990.

The Boeing 727 first took off to the skies in 1963 and quickly became a staple for commercial airlines worldwide. Known for its distinctive tri-jet configuration with an engine on each side of the rear fuselage and one in the tail, the B727 was designed for efficiency and performance on shorter, regional routes.

FedEx operated the Boeing B727 for decades, with N481FE marking the end of an era. This aircraft was not only a workhorse in the FedEx fleet but also a testament to the reliability and durability that Boeing craft are known for. N481FE's final revenue flight in 2013 marked the culmination of FedEx’s transition to a more modern, fuel-efficient fleet.

The Memphis package includes:

  • purple
  • purple - white (only in this package)
  • purple - raw belly silver (only in this package)
  • white
  • raw belly silver 
  • coaster purple
  • magnet purple
  • display aircrafttag
  • free shippping


Enjoy the final Landing of N481FE



Please be informed, that you order a piece of aviation history. This aircrafttag travelled for more than 1 decade around the world between +40°C and -60°C. This is why you may find dents and scratches on it. As well imperfections of paint may occur. But this is what we want to provide to you.

We remind you that this aircrafttag is not suitable for children.