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Boeing 777-200 - British Airways - G-ZZZC

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The Boeing 777 - a gamechanger in commercial aviation.

Introducing the G-ZZZC Aircrafttag - a timeless piece of aviation history. Crafted from the retired Boeing 777-200, G-ZZZC, this Aircrafttag carries a legacy that spans the globe. Delivered to British Airways on November 11, 1995, it soared across the world, covering nearly 50 million miles during its illustrious career.

As the first Boeing 777 delivered to British Airways and one of only six globally, the G-ZZZC Aircrafttag is a testament to aviation excellence. Its unique registration, "ZZZ," chosen for its striking resemblance to 777, adds a touch of uniqueness to this collector's item.

 G-ZZZC Landor livery

This Aircrafttag encapsulates the remarkable statistics of G-ZZZC's 24-year service: 20.000 cycles, 100.000 flight hours, and an estimated 50.000.000 miles traveled. Approximately 4.000.000 passengers have experienced this aircraft's journey.

Own a piece of aviation history with the G-ZZZC AircraftTag, a unique and cherished memento, celebrating the legacy of an iconic Boeing 777-200.

G-ZZZC was the

  • 15th Boeing 777 ever built
  • 1st Boeing 777 delivered to British Airways
  • 1st Boeing 777 operated by an European airline.





Please be informed, that you order a piece of aviation history. This aircrafttag travelled for more than 2 decades around the world between +40°C and -60°C. This is why you may find dents and scratches on it. As well imperfections of paint may occur. But this is what we want to provide to you.

We remind you that this aircrafttag is not suitable for children.