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Mini display-rack - Airbus A330 - OO-SFZ - Brussels Airlines

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Our exclusive mini display racks are cut out of the stringers of OO-SFZ- an Airbus A330 operated by Brusseles Airlines.

Only 2 display racks cut from the European and Belgian flag are available.

Stringers run along an airplane’s fuselage. They serve as structural components that transfer loads and stresses from the aircraft’s skin to the formers.

We offer the mini display racks in 2 sizes.

The single size is suitable for one coaster or one aircrafttag cardboard. The double size can hold 2 coasters, 2 cardboard or 1 coaster + 1 cardboard

On the top they have the registration and type of aircraft engraved.

They come without coaster or aircrafttag.

The size can vary

single: approx. 13-15cm

double: approx. 26-28cm