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Boeing 747 - British Airways - G-BYGD

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A unique piece of plane skin.

31st January is a day that will go down in aviation history. On this day the last jumbo was handed over to its operator.
And we want to honor this.

The Boeing 747, Jumbo or "Queen of the skies" is the most famous and prestigious aircraft ever built.
"If you build it, I buy it"
"If you buy it, I build it" 
This was the conversation between the heads of Boeing and Pan Am, which finally ended in an order of 25 B747.
Pan Am was the launch customer and Boeing built this plane since 1967 in different variants.

What is the "HEAVY" EDITION?

Light - Medium - Heavy - Super

Terms of the so called WAKE TURBULENCE CATEGORY. Each aircraft belongs to a category based on its maximum certified take-off mass.

The Boeing 747 is a "HEAVY".

We were able to resurrect this heavy type aircraft with a special edition. 

The "heavy" aircrafttags have 3 times the thickness of the normal ones. We cut them out of overlapping fuselage panels. 


Please be informed, that you order a piece of aviation history. This aircrafttag travelled for more than 2 decades around the world between +40°C and -60°C. This is why you may find dents and scratches on it. As well imperfections of paint may occur.But this is what we want to provide to you.

We remind you that this aircrafttag is not suitable for children.