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Boeing 767 - Lauda Air - OE-LAW - „HISTORY COLLECTION“

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Our "history collection" continues to grow.

This Boeing 767 was delivered factory-new to Lauda Air in 1992. The founder of Lauda Air was Niki Lauda, an Austrian Formula 1 driver.
Lauda named this Boeing after his friend Ayrton Senna. From 2003 to 2004, this aircraft flew for Lauda Italy. In 2004, it was reintegrated into the Lauda Air fleet and received the Star Alliance livery.

In 2005, OE-LAW was transferred to the AOC of Austrian Airlines. Subsequently, the 767 was painted in Austrian colors and renamed "China".

After Boeing offered the option of winglets for the 767, the OELAW was fitted with winglets in 2011. This helped reduce fuel consumption.

After almost 30 years in service, it was finally scrapped in 2021.

The flagcut is from the Austrian red-white-red flag. The country in which Lauda Air was registered.

This aircrafttag may contain rivets and composite material at the backside.



It is very rare for an aircraft to be in service with the same airline for its entire life cycle, from completion to scrapping. A look at the history reveals interesting and remarkable details. So we would like to break with the tradition of only honouring the last operator or the last paint job of an aircraft and put together a "history collection" of certain aircraft.

Of course, we want to do the splits and not, for example, make a red tag for an airline that had no red in its livery. These tags will be presented in neutral colours.

We will add more history collections at irregular intervals without advertising this as a big release. Just visit our website to find out when they will be available. We will explicitly indicate which aircraft are members of the "history collection"


Please be informed, that you order a piece of aviation history. This aircrafttag travelled for more than 2 decades around the world between +40°C and -60°C. This is why you may find dents and scratches on it. As well imperfections of paint may occur.But this is what we want to provide to you

We remind you that this aircrafttag is not suitable for children.