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Coaster - Airbus A318 - Speedbird 1 - G-EUNA - British Airways

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Our aircrafttag coasters have a size of 9,5cm x 9,5 cm and an "anti skid" backside. We limited this edition to 318 pieces.

The mini display racks perfectly complement the coasters.

The Airbus A318 is part of the A320 family. It's the smallest family member.

Only less than 100 units were built. As a maximum of 132 could board this Baby Airbus the operating costs were to high for airlines.

This was one of only two A318 flying for British Airways between London City and New York. British Airways installed just 32 Business Class seats for this unique Long-range airplane. British Airways assigned the prestigious Concorde Flight Number BA001 and the Callsign "SPEEDBIRD 1" to this flight.  On the flights to JFK a stopover in Shannon was planned. The airplane was refueled and the passengers could go through US customs.

 G-EUNA was built in 2009 and only 12 years later she landed at the boneyard. 

 Enjoy this video of G-EUNA from Sam Chui

Please be informed, that you order a piece of aviation history. This aircrafttag travelled for more than 1 decade around the world between +40°C and -60°C. This is why you may find dents and scratches on it. As well imperfections of paint may occur. But this is what we want to provide to you

We remind you that this coaster is not suitable for children.