Bonus program - terms and conditions


Getting Started:


Access: Find the access button on the lower left-hand corner to join. New users should register with the email address used for orders.


Earn Points:


  • Starter Gift for Previous Customers: Receive 30% of your past purchases as bonus points.
  • Purchases: Earn 1 point per €1 spent (excluding shipping).
  • Social Media Actions:

Follow on Instagram (@aircrafttag_official) for 30 points.

Share on Facebook twice a month for 30 points each time.

Post an aircrafttag picture on social media that gets 100+ likes for 70 points (email proof required).

  • Visite website: Once a day - 1 point.
  • Referrals:

Refer a new customer for 70 points.

  • Facebook Group Activity: Earn points by participating in the "aircrafttag - Collectors and discussion group". Convert Facebook group activity to BONUS points once a calendar year (2 Facebook points = 1 BONUS point).


  • Material Contribution: Provide aircraft fuselage skin for 3000 points.


Use Points:


  • Discounts available as follows:

100 points = €4 discount. Minimum purchase amount €100.-

200 points = €10 discount. Minimum purchase amount €100.-

500 points = €35 discount. Minimum purchase amount €100.-

1000 points = €75 discount. Minimum purchase amount €150.-

  • Exclusive Offer: Special aircrafttag available for €5.95 plus points. Email for a €500 discount code. ( will be online soon)


Important Notes:


Points and transactions are non-refundable. Terms are subject to change.

Points valid for 2 years.